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Porthos Stable


Our masks are made of bovine leather with customizable color options. The front of the mask is made of leather applied to an ABS plastic shell for a better, fitting shape.

from 1.950 EUR

Leg Hooves

Leg hooves for your pony. Set for custom upgrade of any available boots, so they can easily become hooves in any time and anywhere and for everyday use.

from 1.950 EUR

Leather Cuffs

Massive leather cuffs with D pads for restrain your pony. Massive leather is great to restrain not only a horse. Set is 4 pcs.

from 350 EUR

Leather Collars

Massive leather collar from calf leather designed to harness look. We could do same colour sewing as the harness have.

from 200 EUR

Eye Blinders

Our new product for the cart ponies. We make this eye blinders in one size but adaptable. Easy setup with finest quality. Customisation is possible.

from 220 EUR


Highly resistant and sophisticated harness is made of bovine leather and is fitted with a series of “D” rings for the option of attaching additional leather belts.

from 1.950 EUR